Barbarossa is our introductory game of skill to War in the East 1941-1945. In a "game of skill" no dice or random events are used. This is the second edition, for which map modifications have been made to allow for future expansions. The game covers the Axis vs the Soviets during the war in and near the Soviet Union, also known as "the Russian front" or "the Eastern front" in Germany and the "Great Patriotic War" in the Soviet Union.


Miracle - Miracle is our game on the Battle of Midway. One player is the US Navy and the other is the Japanese Navy.

There are 32 counters (game pieces) representing different kinds of aircraft, ships and even weather for each of the two players. As in the original battle, however, the kinds of units (game pieces) that each player has is different.

Since Miracle does not use dice, it may resemble Chess or perhaps Stratego to you. But both those games are abstract, while this is a strategic simulation of an historical battle from the point of view of the two overall commanders: Admiral Yamamoto for the Imperial Japanese Navy, and U.S. Navy forces sent by Admiral Chester Nimitz. Plus the sides are exactly equal in both Chess and Stratego - here each player has assets and liabilities based on the historical situation. For example, the US has fewer aircraft carriers than the Japanese, but has the unsinkable (but unmovable) Midway Island airbase.


World War II: Strategic Decision Series  - The whole second world war, from Poland to Nagasaki, from the Panama Canal to Bombay to Archangelsk. High Strategic level gaming at the Army Group level, and with unit production. No dice, no cards, nothing random used - you've only got yourself to blame if you lose! Two joined maps - the Pacific and European/African theatres are included.

 BattleofMoscow small