Unconquered Lands

Unconquered Lands adds three new maps to Napoleon and his Marshals allowing for new scenarios (such as the Russo-Swedish War of 1808-1809 option of the 1807-1810 mini campaign scenario) and the Campaign Game to be played in full. You must own Napoleon and his Marshals to play. There are no counter sheets in this expansion.

Maps of Russia, Scandinavia and Southern Italy/Central Mediterranean are included and packed in our plastic map case. The first is a large map that cover Russia from Lake Lagoda to Sevastopol (north to south) and the Prussian/Austrian/Ottoman borders east to Nizhny Novgorod. The Scandinavian map includes Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark from the Arctic Circle to the Baltic Sea in the south. Southern Italy includes the Kingdom of Naples, including Sicily, as well as Malta, Sardinia and other points of interest in the Central Mediterranean.

Maps are completely compatible with the others in the series, allowing for a large layout on your gaming table, or permitting a separate setup on multiple tables. Of course, they are printed on banner paper, which means there are no cuts or folds, and the maps are resistant to dirt and water.