Barbarossa is our introductory game of skill to War in the East 1941-1945. In a "game of skill" no dice or random events are used. This is the second edition, for which map modifications have been made to allow for future expansions. The game covers the Axis vs the Soviets during the war in and near the Soviet Union, also known as "the Russian front" or "the Eastern front" in Germany and the "Great Patriotic War" in the Soviet Union.


The map is 11 x 17, and there are about 75 counters of equal game-play value, but of widely varying "flavors" from the "5th Ski Brigade" to the "Stalingrad Front." The map is a grid of squares, somewhat resembling a checkerboard over which the map has been superimposed. Movement is along raillines and overland, but bad terrain cannot be entered. Turns are quarterly. Combat is resolved without dice, and the CRT varies from turn to turn. There are subtleties in strategy and movement that become more apparent after a couple of games.


For the Second Edition, only the map has changed. If you bought the first edition (Child's Game of Barbarossa), we will ship you a new copy of the Second Edition map for free. The counters have not changed. 


Photo of game map and front side of counters.