Divided We Fall is our dice-less, strategic game on the American Civil War. Six turns per year (Winter, May, June, Jul-Aug15, Aug16-Sept, Oct/Nov) because that yields an equal distribution of when the 135 biggest battles were fought - 24 turns in all. This game has an advancement in our dice-less combat system with a combat results table algorithim based on actual losses during Civil War battles, modified by leadership, terrain, and weather. Combat units include Infantry (brigades to corps), militia, gunboats, ships, ironclads, and forts (four levels), supported by supply units and Military Railroads.

temp2Leaders are key, because they allow larger stacks of units to move and affect combat values and losses. Most are at the Army level, with some independent corps commanders.

Players are limited to a fixed number of Command Points each turn, but this changes over time. These can be used to move units (most common), build forts, or activate leader's special abilities.

The map covers Missouri to Delaware and north as far as Philadelphia. Movement is point to point by land (roads, railroads) or water (sea, rivers). Sea Lift is the fastest movement, but is only available to the Union. Movement along rail is the fastest land movement, but when entering enemy territories, riverine movement is likely to be faster. Terrain affects movement and combat of course. Sea, major and "seasonal" rivers, woods, rough, mountains, swamp are among the terrain types.

Reinforcements are fixed, but replacements are up to the players within limits. The Union gets up to 11 infantry per turn, but they must be spread out among 4 areas. The CSA gets 7 per turn, but they're spread out over 7 areas. Combat losses > 4 per turn to the CSA therefore result in dispersal - much less so for the Union. Supply Units are necessary for most combat in enemy areas, but aren't needed when in your own territory.

There are no random events in the game. Even the optional "Alternative Leader Appearance" is action-based. Yet, the number of options each turn is huge, resulting in great variety game after game.

To win, the Union has to take Richmond and more of the Confederacy as time progresses. The CSA can win instantly by taking and holding Washington for a turn, or can up their odds by invoking Foreign Intervention - but that must be done before too many Confederate cities fall. Other Political Rules affect Kentucky, West Virginia, Missouri, and Maryland.

Two players can tackle the campaign game, an 1862 scenario, or the 1863 scenario.

There are three 88-counter coated, double-sided counter sheets, with 0.6 inch counters (larger than many wargames). The map is 3 mil vinyl-laminated photograde paper with uv-protection for durability, size 24" x 17." 

2 Player Game. Intermediate-Advanced.