The Ottoman Empire is the latest expansion for our hit game, Napoleon and his Marshals (which you must have to play). (Continued below after the Spahi pic!)

Ottoman Map Case Art

This expansion provides one map and one counter sheet (88 6/10" counters, double sided). The map completes the European maps in the Balkans and eastern half of modern Turkey. The counters provide the Ottoman Empire and navy, the third minor power (along with Spain and Sweden). Also on the counter sheet are some client state leaders, navies and admirals for the Prussians and Austrians (for the campaign game) and counters needed for the 1806-1812 Russo-Turkish war scenario.

The accompanying scenario (which is free of all pesky French units!) is a great way to learn the game's basics. There aren't too many units, but every kind of unit is present, and there's lots of manuvering room. Plus the turn sequence is compressed in this scenario, so it moves along quickly!