Our biggest game yet ... this covers the "eastern front" as the Germans called it -- the war between Nazi Germany and its allies and the Soviet Union from Jun 1941 through March 1942 at the regiment-division-corps level. This is the first part of a multi-part game and will be followed soon by Field Marshals of the Eastern Front - South, which extends the game into the Ukraine. Later expansions are planned to carry the war into 1942 and beyond.


There are many innovations in this game - the hexes are quite large, and are subdivided into 7 "facets" that affect movement and combat. The half-inch counters can be arranged into 4 stacks inside one of these hexes. But to keep the map "cleaner" most stacks are instead organized into Corps -- Army size for Soviets. The corps marker is placed on the map, with the units being relatively hidden (rules require a minimum and maximum size Corps/Army sizeand composition). It is quite possible to amass both a hidden and fake set of units just to the rear in order to keep your enemy guessing as to where you'll strike next.

 Unconquered Lands

Unconquered Lands adds three new maps to Napoleon and his Marshals allowing for new scenarios (such as the Russo-Swedish War of 1808-1809 option of the 1807-1810 mini campaign scenario) and the Campaign Game to be played in full. You must own Napoleon and his Marshals to play. There are no counter sheets in this expansion.

Maps of Russia, Scandinavia and Southern Italy/Central Mediterranean are included and packed in our plastic map case. The first is a large map that cover Russia from Lake Lagoda to Sevastopol (north to south) and the Prussian/Austrian/Ottoman borders east to Nizhny Novgorod. The Scandinavian map includes Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark from the Arctic Circle to the Baltic Sea in the south. Southern Italy includes the Kingdom of Naples, including Sicily, as well as Malta, Sardinia and other points of interest in the Central Mediterranean.

Maps are completely compatible with the others in the series, allowing for a large layout on your gaming table, or permitting a separate setup on multiple tables. Of course, they are printed on banner paper, which means there are no cuts or folds, and the maps are resistant to dirt and water.

The Ottoman Empire is the latest expansion for our hit game, Napoleon and his Marshals (which you must have to play). (Continued below after the Spahi pic!)

Ottoman Map Case Art

This expansion provides one map and one counter sheet (88 6/10" counters, double sided). The map completes the European maps in the Balkans and eastern half of modern Turkey. The counters provide the Ottoman Empire and navy, the third minor power (along with Spain and Sweden). Also on the counter sheet are some client state leaders, navies and admirals for the Prussians and Austrians (for the campaign game) and counters needed for the 1806-1812 Russo-Turkish war scenario.

The accompanying scenario (which is free of all pesky French units!) is a great way to learn the game's basics. There aren't too many units, but every kind of unit is present, and there's lots of manuvering room. Plus the turn sequence is compressed in this scenario, so it moves along quickly!



The first expansion to Napoleon and his Marshals expands the series to include the wars in Spain and Portugal from 1805-1815, with scenarios for 1807-1814, 1809-1814 and as part of larger campaign scenarios. The basic set (Napoleon and his Marshals) is required to play. The complete British army and navy for the basic game is added, along with the Spanish army, navy, and leaders and the Portuguese army. A 20.75 x 16 inch map of Spain, Portugal, Southern France and the adjacent seas is included along with two 88-counter sheets of 0.6" square game counters, printed front and back. Scale is approximately 38 miles per hex.

Among the new leaders added are Wellesley/Wellington, Beresford, Hill, and other commanders. Wellesley can undisrupt British forces after combat which gives him a resiliency unmatched by his peers. Beresford can train the Portuguese, converting them from militia to fighting units. Of course Nelson is included with the navy, along with less famous but highly effective Admirals like Collingwood, Saumarez, Pellew, and others.

Like its parent game, this is a diceless combat system, based on our algorithm for battles in that period. The gameplay is identical to that of Napoleon and his Marshals, with some minor modifications for the scenarios. Units are similar scale - about 5,000 men per factor which was roughly a division. Ship factors are two ships-of-the-line for each naval factor. 

Rules are the same as for Napoleon and his Marshals which you must have to play.

To order, click on the Place Order tab, then click the button for The Peninsular War. Please remember, this is an expansion. You must have the basic set of Napoleon and his Marshals to play!


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