The rules for Miracle: The Battle of Midway were updated to clarify tile (counter units) information, correct some typos, and edit size. New version is 1.6 and it is now available under the Game Rules tab.  Enjoy! 

Here's a group playtesting Fighting the Islamic State, our new game in development about the Iraq-Syria war!

We've added a two-part video introducing you to movement, combat, and other parts of World War II: Strategic Decision Series!

Check out the new VIDEOS tab on the home page.

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"Generals" John and Scott battle over the War in the East in our Barbarossa game. Taken at the Rusty Scabbard game store, Lexington, Kentucky. The Rusty Scabbard has all of Two Generals Games' games in stock!

This is the big one: when Hitler invaded the Soviet Union! But there was still a war in North Africa against the British. Now you can hit the Soviets or peel off an army or two to go after Turkey or Spain/Gibraltar if you still have a hanking to punish the "nation of shopkeepers." But only two turns later Japan is in the war too, so this is the time for the Axis to make progress in a big way! See the attached PDF for set-up. Good luck!