Now available! New rules for our new game, to be released June 22: Divided We Fall - The American Civil War: Strategic Decision Series

Link to Divided We Fall Rules

For many of the Peoples in the game, replacement is tied to their home areas. We are providing a complete PDF list of the home areas for all the peoples in the game, except for the Romans, Parthians, and Huns.


Link to Home Areas

Rules update to 1.7.  Clarifications, fixed one typo, and saved as a PDF which should make printing much easier. Thanks to users for feedback! See RULES tab for the link.

Requested by players, we're proud to include a new scenario for our World War II; Strategic Decision game. This one starts in Summer 1941, but is for the European map only. 



We've added our turn sheets to our WW II Strategic Decision game, which contains lots of helpful reminders! See Rules: