While we're waiting for our big shipment from the printer's to arrive, here's our first YouTube post!

It's a 13-minute introduction to movement and combat in Napoleon and his Marshals, our new strategic and operational game on the wars from 1805-1815.

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8KpXr3Ie6Y

Now available! New rules for our new game, to be released in February 2017: Napoleon and his Marshals

Link to Napoleon and his Marshals Rules

So, good news for us, but not for you: Amazon has sold out our inventory of Fighting the Islamic State!

But no worries - we've stuck a couple of copies here at Two Generals Games which you can order DIRECTLY from us for the Amazon price ($29.99) and shipping via Paypal. AND we'll send you the upgraded deluxe Collector's Edition, with a map tube case and a plastic box for all the counters!

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Our biggest game yet - Napoleon and his Marshals - is off to the printers! Delivery expected in February. For 2-5 players. Diceless with no random events. It's you vs. your opponent with no bad die rolls, wild cards, bailouts, or lucky draws.

Napoleon and his Marshals covers 1805-1815 in France and Central Europe. Other expansions are underway that will add the Peninsular War, the Patriotic War in Russia and maps of Scandinavia and the rest of Italy. The game is strategic and operational. Each strategic turn is two months, broken down into 6 10-day operational turns.Forces are brigade level (5,000 men) per factor, with artillery, cavalry, Cossacks, and guerillas as additional specialized units. Leaders are included at the National Military Leader (Napoleon, Kutusov, etc.), Army commanders, and marshals/corps commanders.

This is the basic game, required to play all other expansions and the campaign game, which will run from January 1805 through the end of 1815 or the final victory - whichever way that goes. Included is a 31" x 23.5" map, printed on plastic coated reinforced "banner" paper, and 5 counter sheets of 88 counters, printed front and back, and slightly larger than traditional counters at 0.6" square. Map scale is about 28 miles to 38 miles per hex (depending on where you are on the map).

During the Strategic Turns, nations collect taxes (production) and expend it on organization and units, including leader activation, replacements, new units, mobilization, sea lift capacity, foreign aid, supplies, and other items. Diplomacy may also occur. During the ensuing 6 operational turns, leaders and units are moved, battles fought, sieges undertaken and possibly diplomacy is conducted.

There are six scenarios in the game: 1805 (vs Austria, Britain and Russia), 1806-07 (vs Prussia, Britain and Russia), 1805-1807 (vs all four), 1809 (vs Austria, Russia and Britain), 1813-1815 (vs all four), and 1815 (the 100 days of Napoleon's second reign). A player-turn takes about 5-15 minutes, so along with a strategic turn, a full "season" (two months is the length of a strategic turn and its associated operational turns) takes about 1.5 - 2.0 hours.

We expect to post the rules on www.twogeneralsgames.com by mid January. The first expansion - The Peninsular War - will be released in late Winter, followed by the Patriotic War in Spring which will include the Scandinavian and Italian maps. At that point the full campaign game will be possible - all 396 turns. The Peninsular war will include the British, Spanish, and Portuguese armies, and the navies of Britian, France, Russia, Sweden, Holland, and Spain, along with their Admirals. The Patriotic War will include three maps, but no additional counters are planned.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the inner workings of empire with Napoleon and his Marshals!







Now our biggest games are available in a Collector's Edition!

The Collector's Edition comes with a map case and a clear plastic storage box to hold all the game counters. Of course all the game components are also included. The box is 10" x 6" x 3/4" and has 20 1-5/8" square compartments and 1 1-5/8" x 6-3/4" compartment. We've labelled all the compartments for your convenience, but you can print your own version if you'd like a different storage set-up. The plastic box has a snap-shut lid that holds quite well. If you turn the box upside down, the counters stay in position. The cover art clearly identifies the game. 

Collector's Editions are ONLY available directly from Two Generals Games but they sell at the regular price, so BONUS! To order, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will bill you via Paypal. Paypal payments are shipped same or next business day. We also accept checks (Two Generals Games) but shipment is delayed until the check clears. Shipping (domestic only) is $7 per game, but FREE if you order two or more at the same time!

Games currently available in Collector's Edition format: 

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