I bet I'm the only wargame publisher that ever had a game that set off government red flags. (UPDATE: Turns out I'm not and I'm in some pretty good company! But the problem described herein has now been fixed. Thanks for your patience!)

Thanks to those of you trying to buy our game Fighting the Islamic State.  What's happened recently is that Paypal started denying payment for some of you. I finally got Paypal to tell me why, at least indirectly.

Previously, Paypal reps would just say that customer payment was denied due to "government regulations." I worked in DC for 18 years. I know about regulations. So I said, which one? "We're not allowed to say."

So I worked my way up the chain until a clever guy said "You should change the name of that one when somebody orders it" meaning FTIS. He then told me about a group that is trying to collect money to help the Kurds fight the terrorists, but that Paypal isn't allowed to process payments for them. A light went on....  I said, "I get it. It's the name of my game and the fact that money is exchanging hands."

I made sure he understood who we are and why we published that game. Luckily he knew about wargames already.

So we'll be making a couple of changes in the name of the game, at least as it goes to Paypal, so we can quit alarming our friends in national security.

Hopefully, that will fix it.





We're pretty proud of our game Fighting the Islamic State, released back in late 2015 well before the events occuring there today (the recapture of Mosul and the imminent fall of Al Raqqah, as well as US-Russian hostilities) had happened. The rules have held up well. But the Kurds have been allowed a longer leash than we originally predicted, so a rules change is in order:


Changes and Additions to Rules

Fighting the Islamic State


1. Kurdish units in Syria are not required to remain adjacent to their home areas when entering areas marked on the map with an ISIS faction symbol.


Designer Note. In the Spring of 2017, Kurdish units began moving on Al Raqqah, the "capital" of ISIS.  The game's rules had previously restricted the Kurds to their own purple areas, or adjacent. 

Now available! New rules for our new game, to be released in February 2017: Napoleon and his Marshals

Link to Napoleon and his Marshals Rules

While we're waiting for our big shipment from the printer's to arrive, here's our first YouTube post!

It's a 13-minute introduction to movement and combat in Napoleon and his Marshals, our new strategic and operational game on the wars from 1805-1815.

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8KpXr3Ie6Y

Our biggest game yet - Napoleon and his Marshals - is off to the printers! Delivery expected in February. For 2-5 players. Diceless with no random events. It's you vs. your opponent with no bad die rolls, wild cards, bailouts, or lucky draws.

Napoleon and his Marshals covers 1805-1815 in France and Central Europe. Other expansions are underway that will add the Peninsular War, the Patriotic War in Russia and maps of Scandinavia and the rest of Italy. The game is strategic and operational. Each strategic turn is two months, broken down into 6 10-day operational turns.Forces are brigade level (5,000 men) per factor, with artillery, cavalry, Cossacks, and guerillas as additional specialized units. Leaders are included at the National Military Leader (Napoleon, Kutusov, etc.), Army commanders, and marshals/corps commanders.

This is the basic game, required to play all other expansions and the campaign game, which will run from January 1805 through the end of 1815 or the final victory - whichever way that goes. Included is a 31" x 23.5" map, printed on plastic coated reinforced "banner" paper, and 5 counter sheets of 88 counters, printed front and back, and slightly larger than traditional counters at 0.6" square. Map scale is about 28 miles to 38 miles per hex (depending on where you are on the map).

During the Strategic Turns, nations collect taxes (production) and expend it on organization and units, including leader activation, replacements, new units, mobilization, sea lift capacity, foreign aid, supplies, and other items. Diplomacy may also occur. During the ensuing 6 operational turns, leaders and units are moved, battles fought, sieges undertaken and possibly diplomacy is conducted.

There are six scenarios in the game: 1805 (vs Austria, Britain and Russia), 1806-07 (vs Prussia, Britain and Russia), 1805-1807 (vs all four), 1809 (vs Austria, Russia and Britain), 1813-1815 (vs all four), and 1815 (the 100 days of Napoleon's second reign). A player-turn takes about 5-15 minutes, so along with a strategic turn, a full "season" (two months is the length of a strategic turn and its associated operational turns) takes about 1.5 - 2.0 hours.

We expect to post the rules on www.twogeneralsgames.com by mid January. The first expansion - The Peninsular War - will be released in late Winter, followed by the Patriotic War in Spring which will include the Scandinavian and Italian maps. At that point the full campaign game will be possible - all 396 turns. The Peninsular war will include the British, Spanish, and Portuguese armies, and the navies of Britian, France, Russia, Sweden, Holland, and Spain, along with their Admirals. The Patriotic War will include three maps, but no additional counters are planned.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the inner workings of empire with Napoleon and his Marshals!