Two more expansions for Napoleon and his Marshals are off to the printers!

Unconquered Lands provides 3 maps (no counters) needed to complete the set for the Grand Campaign Game and several scenarios including the Patriotic War. Included are two large maps of Russia and Scandinavia and a small map of southern Italy and the Central Mediterranean.

The Ottoman Empire provides 1 map and one counter sheet. The map completes the European maps in the Balkans and eastern half of modern Turkey. The counters give the Ottoman Empire and navy, the third minor power. Also on the counter sheet are some client state leaders, navies and admirals for the Prussians and Austrians (for the campaign game) and counters needed for the 1806-1812 Russo-Turkish war scenario.

Both of these games are expansions. Napoleon and his Marshals is needed to play. All maps are the same scale and fit together with the others. We anticpate arrival before Thanksgiving (late November).


Ottoman Empire Map and Counters