We've added the "Leader Boards" for Napoleon and his Marshals. These facilitate the Limited Intelligence rules and make game play on the map easier by eliminating big stacks.

To use the Leader Boards, lay them out near the maps in a convenient place. Place the Leader on the map. Then place all his subordinates and army (or naval) factors in the box with the Leader's name.

The precedence for which leader counter to use on the map should be:

1. the National Military Leader;

2. Army Commander

3. Corps Commander with best Combat Value Stat

The other players are permitted to look at the top unit of each stack on the Leader Board, and to see the size of the units there. So, players will have a rough idea of what is present. You should use the same "precedence" rules for what you show in a stack on the Leader Board. If there are no leaders in the stack, place the largest combat unit on top.

 Link to Leader Boards PDF