Napoleon and his Marshals is our game in progress. Design is largely completed and we're deep in play-testing. This is closest thing we have to a "monster game." There are maps for France/Germany/Austria/N. Italy (Central Europe), Spain/Portugal, Italy, Scandinavia, and Russia. There are many counter sheets - the final tally is not yet in. We'll be breaking this monster up into parts. For example, the basic game is the Central Europe map, and counters to cover 1805-1809 on that map. This game is required to play all the others. The Peninsular War is the Spain/Portugal map with additional Spanish, Portuguese and British counters, covering 1807-1814. The Patriotic War - 1812 covers 1812-early 1813, the invasion of Russia, with additional Russian units and the units needed to link up to the Central Europe map and play the 1813-1814 period. A final addition will be the map of Italy and of Scandinavia, which will allow coverage of smaller conflicts that occurred there from 1806-1814, and allow for the Grand Campaign Game!

Production, maintenance, naval warfare, leaders, infantry, cavalry, artillery, guerillas, Cossacks, supply/depots, maps based on Cambridge's classic 1912 History Atlas, diplomacy and .... it's all diceless!

In the meantime is a pic from recent testing of The Patriotic War - 1812 (that's the Russian's name for Napoleon's invasion). 

Napoleon Traps De Tolly