Yesterday we posted a major set of errata for World War II: Strategic Decision. This is the culmination of one year of play, so check it out in the Game Rules tab!

This summer we're working on Battleground Virginia and Forgotten Army, both expansions for our recent civil war game, Divided We Fall. Both expansions use the same rules, adding a few extra, as well as the same counters, except adding corps commanders. The big difference is scale, as both maps are (or are at least planned to be) 11x17 maps of Virginia and Tennessee, respectively (along with pertinent border areas like Sharpsburg, Gettysburg, Corinth, and S. Kentucky). We're currently playtesting Battleground Virginia, and expect to start on Forgotten Army soon.

We're also working on Napoleon and his Marshals, which is our strategic and operational simulation of the Napoleonic era. No dice, of course. This is a game of skill. No need to bring Lady Luck. We're deep into design elements at the moment. For the maps (there will be several it appears), we're basing them on the wonderful Cambridge series of the pre-WWI era. But, oh my, they need a lot of graphical car-washing! The big challenge at the moment is the Combat Results Table. Napoleonic battles were not that bloody compared to the Civil War and later wars. There were many battles where we would expect to see zero losses. So maybe we'll have to tweak our system some. It's a pleasant chore!

We also have several other clever ideas that will have to pass the idiocy test! More on them later!

Summer: it's too hot to go out, so stay inside and get your game on!