We're happy to announce an updated set of rules for Napoleon and his Marshals, along with an updated set of scenarios.

While there are over 1,000 changes, the vast majority of these are formatting changes (a comma deleted, a space added) of no consequence to game play. Other rules are clarified, corrected, or added. For example, our comprehensive chart was incorrect about supply in Spain/Portugal. That has been corrected.

The biggest rule change is a simplified victory system for the Grand Campaign Game. This allows the game to be played with an equal chance of each nation to win, based on a comparison of what they did versus historical. In addition, this allows a game to be played and victory calculated at the end of any year. For example, players could play 1805-1809 and then see if they've done better than historical.


Napoleon and his Marshals 4.0

Scenario Booklet 4.0