At long last, our printing company has completed the work on two games: the 2nd Edition of Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire and a new expansion for that game, Charlemagne and Muhammad, which continues the game forward with a new map and counters to 819AD. You must have Rise and Fall to play Charlemagne and Muhammad. 

Each game sells for $59.99 plus $8 shipping (domestic), but if both are purchased at once we'll pick up the tab for shipping on the second game (order the Bundle).

Charlemagne and Muhammad (C&M) is compatible with either the first or second edition of Rise and Fall. The changes in the 2nd edition are primarily in the layout of the counters - there were no additions or deletions, so those of you with the first edition will find that C&M will be compatible.








Two Generals Games is proud to announce that our new game is off the to printers and its rules are posted here on our web page.

Charlemagne & Muhammad is Two Generals Games’ latest expansion for its Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire game. C&M extends and modifies Rise and Fall to allow continuation from 476AD (the end of Rise and Fall) to 819AD (soon after the death of Charlemagne) for 2-3 players.

C&M can also be played in two scenarios, but a copy of Rise and Fall is required. The scenarios start in 480AD which allows continuation of the historical situation (or the situation at the end of your Rise & Fall game), and also in 630AD, which focuses on the rapid expansion of the Islamic polity.

The German states struggle among themselves, with the Eastern Romans and with wave after wave of steppe nomads that appear. The Romans are centrally located and so have many enemies.

Rule changes include: stacking, new units like Settlers, vassalage, 39 Great Leaders from 11 nations, Raiders, Navies, and activation.

Rules for Charlemagne & Muhammad are available at

We expect the game to be available for shipment around the end of October 2020.

Field Marshals of the Eastern Front (see Games tab for description) is now available for pre-print orders, with a pre-new year's shipment expected.

You can order the game two ways:

1. Order the first game (includes Army Group North and Army Group Center and the corresponding Soviet Fronts), along with the "top half" of the map for those areas. This will be shipped as soon as we receive it from the printer.

2. Order the BUNDLED GAME, which also includes the counters for Army Group South that will be shipped after printing. As a bonus, you'll receive large charts of combat, terrain and weather/movement. We've tacked ours to the wall, or draped them over pegboard - helpful for old eyes and to reduce board clutter. We'll ship the "North and Center" game as soon as we get it, and the "South" counters a bit later (before March 1 2020). BUT you'll also get an "uncut" map with the first shipment - all of the map on one large sheet with no cuts, folds or complications.

TO ORDER click on the Place Order tab. 

Very pleased to announce that the counter sheets for Field Marshals of the Eastern Front's first expansion -- The Southern Front -- are being printed this week. This allows the campaign game to be played. The maps for both the original game (FMEF-North and Center) and the southern expansion were already printed in December, 2019.

Here's a preview. 


Glad to announce that Napoleon and his Marshals is back in stock! 


Printing costs have more than doubled, but we'll hold the price, and still honor

the 'bundle deal' for the basic game and all its expansions until the end of 2019.