Two Generals Games (TGG) is:

"General" R. Steven Brown, President, Digital Artist, Designer, Developer, and also takes out the trash.

"General" Spence C. Millard, Chief Designer, Contractor, Analog Artist, Developer, and dream-holder.

You get to be a "General" too - and so does your opponent - when you play one of our games! 

We've played wargames since the 1960s. My first was Avalon Hill's Civil War, a hex grid with pawns that Santa brought in 1961 to help educate me, and Millard's first was 1863, also from Santa in 1961. We got an early start, but neither of us started designing new games until college. Since then, it's been non-stop, more or less. But only recently did Brown decide to actually publish the best of our stuff. 

Most of our games don't use dice or other random generators. These are games of skill, and the players supply the randomness! Each play is different than the previous one.

A few of our games are designed to teach girlfriends, wives, sons, nieces, grand-daughters, and friends how (and why) to play a wargame. These games may resemble checkers, chess or Stratego somewhat at first glance. However, they play differently from any of those games, but retain the subtlety of chess and the movement simplicity of Stratego and checkers.

We'd love to hear from you!

TGG is based out of Lexington, Kentucky. Contact us on Facebook at Two Generals Games, or by email at sbrown @

-Steve Brown