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We're all about skill-based historical board gaming: aka "war games." You versus the "enemy." Two generals at the table. Only one will walk away the victor. The other guy will be a crumpled mess .... along the way you might change history.


Our games are SKILL BASED - there are no dice or no random events (except for Fighting the Islamic State!). Like chess, you must earn your victory by taking advantage of your opponent's mistakes and minimizing yours. Unlike chess, these are not abstractions of warfare - they are simulations of historical battles and wars. Several of them are suitable for multi-player play as well.


Some of our games are short (1-2 hours) and some are long (10+ hours). They are all printed on vinyl-coated paper, which protects the map from dirt and spills. Our maps are never cut or folded, and so you don't have to adjust them, cover them, or otherwise mess with them. They're ready for play. The counters are 0.6" - 20% larger than most traditional wargames, making them easier to read and handle. The rules are available on-line, which lets us update them when needed and add scenarios. For you, it means you can access them on your smartphone or tablet wherever you are on-line.


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The two "generals" at Two Generals Games have been wargaming for over 50 years ... each. We've been designing them for about as long. We hope you enjoy them!


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