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IN STOCK! The Peninsular War (Expansion-you must have Napoleon and his Marshals to play) $39.99 +8.00 Shipping
 IN STOCK! Napoleon and his Marshals $59.99+8.00 Shipping
  IN STOCK!Divided We Fall - The American Civil War $49.99+8.00 Shipping
 IN STOCK! Fighting the Islamic State $29.99+8.00 Shipping
IN STOCK! Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire $59.99+8.00 Shipping
 IN STOCK! World War Two: Strategic Decision $49.99+8.00 Shipping
 IN STOCK! Barbarossa: The War in the East 1941-1945 $19.99+7.00 Shipping
IN STOCK! Miracle: The Battle of Midway $9.99+1.00 Shipping

Sales Tax of 6% applied to customers in Kentucky.

Foreign shipping is surcharged at our actual rate if ordered directly from us via Paypal. Email us to arrange. sbrown @

Packaging: Our Collector's Edition games purchased here through Paypal are shipped in a 24" (or less) X6"X6"  cardboard box.. Miracle is shipped in a 8.5x11 envelope. Barbarossa is sent in a plastic tube or box. Shipping to fulfill an Amazon order or Miracle and Barbarossa may differ.

*Collector's Editions come with plastic map tube and hard plastic box suitable for counter storage. Barbarossa is sent with plastic map tube and zip lock bags for counters. Miracle is sent in envelope with zip lock bags for counters.

Example of Collector's Edition for Divided We Fall