This is the closest we have to a monster game ... mostly in terms of its length. It is a strategic and operational scale game of the central European theaters of the Napoleonic Wars, and we plan to expand it to add Spain, Russia and periphreal war zones.

Combat Units Austria, Russia, Britain


Client State Units - Saxony-Poland-Wurttemberg

Napoleon and his Marshals covers 1805-1815 in France and Central Europe. Other expansions are underway that will add the Peninsular War, the Patriotic War in Russia and maps of Scandinavia and the rest of Italy. The game is strategic and operational. Each strategic turn is two months, broken down into 6 10-day operational turns.Forces are brigade level (5,000 men) per factor, with artillery, cavalry, Cossacks, and guerillas as additional specialized units. Leaders are included at the National Military Leader (Napoleon, Kutusov, etc.), Army commanders, and marshals/corps commanders. Combat units for 11 nations are included. In the expansions the naval war is added, with Nelson, other British Admirals, along with French, Spanish, and Russian admirals, and the navies of those countries and Denmark and Sweden, along with the armies of Spain and Portugal.

The rules for our new demo game, Soft Underbelly - The War in the Mediterranean 1940-1945 - are now posted. See the Game Rules tab.

The game covers the period from Spring 1940 through the end of the war, using fleets, air wings, infantry and tank armies, paratroopers, convoys, amphibs, and a demanding logistical system, along with political rules, to cover the biggest and longest "front" of the war.

Soft Underbelly is also a scenario for World War II: Strategic Decision, our full game on all of WW2. Soft Underbelly uses a shortened rules set to introduce new players to our game, and our "diceless," "No Dice" system of combat. Once you've learned Soft Underbelly you'll be primed for World War II: Strategic DecisionRise and Fall of the Roman Empire, and other games soon to be released in our Strategic Decision Series of games.

To get a FREE copy of Soft Underbelly, email us your name and address (domestic only) at sbrown @ and make the subject "Register".  We'll respond back within a week. Limit one per email and per person. We will never share your email address except as required by law. We will not barrage you with emails either. Once a month max unless we have a rules update for a game you've purchased. This is a limited time offer.

Divided We Fall is our dice-less, strategic game on the American Civil War. Six turns per year (Winter, May, June, Jul-Aug15, Aug16-Sept, Oct/Nov) because that yields an equal distribution of when the 135 biggest battles were fought - 24 turns in all. This game has an advancement in our dice-less combat system with a combat results table algorithim based on actual losses during Civil War battles, modified by leadership, terrain, and weather. Combat units include Infantry (brigades to corps), militia, gunboats, ships, ironclads, and forts (four levels), supported by supply units and Military Railroads.

temp2Leaders are key, because they allow larger stacks of units to move and affect combat values and losses. Most are at the Army level, with some independent corps commanders.

Players are limited to a fixed number of Command Points each turn, but this changes over time. These can be used to move units (most common), build forts, or activate leader's special abilities.

At Start Set Up Map

Fighting the Islamic State was researched and designed to show why the war in Iraq and Syria is causing so many refugees, who is fighting and why, and what outcomes may occur. The game covers the period 2014-2017, and so projects into the future. In order to accommodate that, we'll update the rules and charts periodically online to reflect what is happening in the field.