We expect our shipment from the printer next week, so here is a completely updated set of scenarios for the basic set (Napoleon and his Marshals) and the new expansion (Napoleon and his Marshals: The Peninsular War).

  • 1805-1807 Campaign Game (requires only basic set) France must be prepared to take on three opponents at once (Russia, Austria and Prussia), plus a fourth one (Britain) that finances the others. Napoleon must nimbly defeat each one at a time, or risk facing them all together.
  • 1809 Scenario (requires only basic set) - Austria has completed Army Reform, increased the size of its army and is ready to take on Napoleon again -- but without Prussia or Russia to help.
  • 1807-1810 Scenario (requires basic set plus Peninsular War set and expansion maps are optional) - Napoleon must deal with the "Spanish ulcer" and a resurgent Austria at once.
  • 1811-1814 Scenario – Zenith and Nadir (requires all games and expansions in set) - France is victorious everywhere but Spain - and that is encouraging Russia to resist once again. Can Napoleon defeat the Russians once and for all while handcuffed in Spain, or will he try to defeat Spain before Russia can liberate Germany and get Prussia and Austria as allies?
  • 1812 Scenario -- The Patriotic War (requires basic set plus expanded maps) - Napoleon puts together his largest army ever to defeat his biggest continental rival. But can La Grande Armee repeat its successes in such a large nation against a foe that is prepared to fight it?
  • 1813-1814 Scenario – German and French Campaigns (requires only basic set, or can be expanded to include Peninsular War set) 
  • Following the loss of most of his army, Napoleon must scramble to retain his client states, and rebuild his army. Can he hold the now-united Coalition off long enough to achieve the impossible yet again?
  • 1815 Scenario (requires basic set and Peninsular War set)
  • Can Napoleon retake France and return it to glory? Or will he face another Waterloo?
  • 2 - France, All other nations
  • 1807/1809-1814 Peninsular War Scenarios (requires basic set plus Peninsular War set)
  • A long scenario, starting in either 1807 or 1809, with a small number of units, the players will have to face the limitations of a small war in a poor nation with terrible terrain for campaigning and a long sea coast that favors Britain's best asset - the Royal Navy.
  • 2 - France, Britain & allies
  • 1805-1815 Campaign Game (requires basic game and all expansions) 


Link to Napoleon and his Marshals - Scenarios Booklet 3-1.