We're pleased to provide an update for the game rules of Fighting the Islamic State. 

There are about 50 updates, mostly clarifications, and a few corrections.

Link to Rules

We're happy to announce an updated set of rules for Napoleon and his Marshals, along with an updated set of scenarios.

While there are over 1,000 changes, the vast majority of these are formatting changes (a comma deleted, a space added) of no consequence to game play. Other rules are clarified, corrected, or added. For example, our comprehensive chart was incorrect about supply in Spain/Portugal. That has been corrected.

The biggest rule change is a simplified victory system for the Grand Campaign Game. This allows the game to be played with an equal chance of each nation to win, based on a comparison of what they did versus historical. In addition, this allows a game to be played and victory calculated at the end of any year. For example, players could play 1805-1809 and then see if they've done better than historical.


Napoleon and his Marshals 4.0

Scenario Booklet 4.0


If you bought a copy of our monster game "Napoleon and his Marshals" before Dec 12, 2017 chances are that you have four misprinted counters (see pic, which shows front and back of the replacements). We'd like to fix that at no cost to you. 

Send me an email with your name and address and I'll pop them in the post. (If you bought our game in a store, the store will have the replacement counters in a week or so.) 

We're pleased to present you with Napoleon and his Marshals - The Dice Game, free to download and play -- our first Print 'n' Play game.

When we were testing the original Napoleon and his Marshals and its expansions, we developed a shorter version so we could test different victory conditions and other rules effects. After a while, this smaller version of NAHM became its own game, similar to the original, but smaller, faster, and with a lot more dice. At Two Generals Games, we don't normally use dice in our games, but when we do, we use a LOT of them!

Now you can download the map and rules and use either the counters from the original game or substitute your own dice to represent the armies of the major powers of the Napoleonic era. You don't have to own any TGG game to play.

NAHM-Dice should be a good way to introduce gaming buddies to Napoleonics, or just war-gaming in general. It's colorful, the basic rules are pretty easy, and it moves quickly. Since game victory is handicapped by nation, you can quit at the end of any year and have a fair scoring of the success of each player, so it's not necessary to play all the way to the end.

Here's a picture of the 1805 scenario setup, using dice as the armies. French forces are blue, Austrians white, etc. We've used the Napoleon counter from the original game, but you can substitute something else to represent him.


Link to Download the Map.

Link to Download the Rules.




The printer has shipped, and the games are due to arrive on December 11.

This means the following will be in stock:

1. Unconquered Lands -- the new expansion for Napoleon and his Marshals

2. The Ottoman Empire -- the new expansion for Napoleon and his Marshals

3. Napoleon and his Marshals is back in stock, too.