Thanks to all our customers for our week off. We all need a break now and then, right?

We're up and operating again as of today. 

TGG will be closed for a week while we celebrate with our family! 

Look for some exciting news after that!

Dates we're closed are: Wednesday, Feb 21- Tuesday, Feb 27. You can order a game during that time, but we won't be able to fill it until Wednesday, Feb 28 at the earliest. Thanks!

If you bought a copy of our monster game "Napoleon and his Marshals" before Dec 12, 2017 chances are that you have four misprinted counters (see pic, which shows front and back of the replacements). We'd like to fix that at no cost to you. 

Send me an email with your name and address and I'll pop them in the post. (If you bought our game in a store, the store will have the replacement counters in a week or so.) 

We're updating the rules and adding a new scenario. Those aren't ready yet ...BUT ... here is a set of updated charts that go with NAHM, and all the new expansions! Enjoy!

Napoleon and his Marshal Charts 4-0 PDF

Updated Scenario booklet includes Russo-Turkish War 1806-1812 and other new material. If you have all the expansions you can now play ANY scenario listed!

We're still testing the Campaign Free-for-All, but the historical Campaign Game is ready-to-go!


Scenario Booklet 3.2