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This is the closest we have to a monster game ... mostly in terms of its length. It is a strategic and operational scale game of the central European theaters of the Napoleonic Wars, and we plan to expand it to add Spain, Russia and peripheral war zones.

There are six scenarios in the game: 1805 (vs Austria, Britain and Russia), 1806-07 (vs Prussia, Britain and Russia), 1805-1807 (vs all four), 1809 (vs Austria, Russia and Britain), 1813-1815 (vs all four), and 1815 (the 100 days of Napoleon's second reign). A player-turn takes about 5-15 minutes, so along with a strategic turn, a full "season" (two months is the length of a strategic turn and its associated operational turns) takes about 1.5 - 2.0 hours - less if there are no battles, more if there are many big battles.

Now available! New rules for our new game, to be released June 22: Divided We Fall - The American Civil War: Strategic Decision Series

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After nearly a year on the market, some astute players have figured out how to stretch the game beyond its limits. Specifically, the Axis player can strip Italy the same turn as the British Marines get withdrawn (Spring 1941), sending all the units to the Russian front without worry of an invasion until Fall 1942. In addition, he can strip North Africa and all the rest of Europe except for five required garrisons (usually placed in Narvik, Hamburg, Paris, Greece and Warsaw. Finally, he attacks in Spring '41 which gives him a jump start.

The combination of these moves means the Soviets usually collapse between late '42 and late '43. The Germans then wait to declare a truce timed to last to the end of the war, and send everything else back to throw the Allies off the continent, or at least cause them massive casualties. Such a set of moves will result in an Axis victory about 80-90% of the time.

This new rule set is our fix. No new counters or map changes are required, but you will use the Soviet Controlled-Area Markers (red star on one side, iron cross on the other) for a new purpose. For more fun, we're adding an optional rule on U-boats and ASW focusing on the economic warfare aspects of the Battle of the Atlantic.

Some errata has been incorporated into the rules, but most of it is in a separate section starting on page 35 so you can easily find the major changes. We'll issue a separate rules set soon that incorporates all the errata into the rules.

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New rules now available for Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. Rules set 4-9 clarifies Wars, Allies, Peace, Bribes, Disbanding and similar topics. These are mostly detailed clarifications for situations that arise occasionally. Players are always welcome to send questions to sbrown @

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