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Napoleon and his Marshals $59.99

Divided We Fall - The American Civil War: Strategic Decision Series $49.99

Fighting the Islamic State $29.99

Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire $59.99

World War Two; Strategic Decision $49.99

Barbarossa: The War in the East 1941-1945 $19.99

Miracle: The Battle of Midway $9.99

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Fighting the Islamic State $29.99


Fighting the Islamic State was researched and designed to show why the war in Iraq and Syria is causing so many refugees, who is fighting and why, and what outcomes may occur. The game covers the period 2014-2017, and so projects into the future. In order to accommodate that, we'll update the rules and charts periodically online to reflect what is happening in the field. The game counters (playing pieces) include combat units for: the Islamic State ("ISIS," "ISIL," "Daesh"), the Syrian Regime (including Russians), the Syrian Rebels, the Kurds, the Iraqis, the Iranian-backed forces (Shia Militia and Hezbollah), and the US/Coalition forces (USA, France, Britain, Turkey). The map covers all of Syria and Iraq and the border areas. Depicted are the power plants, dams, oil fields, refineries and archaeological sites that the Islamic State exploits for cash. The map is color-coded to reflect the primary religious sects that divide loyalties there: Shia and Sunni Muslims, plus "Tolerants." Fighting in an area that matches your Faction's religion helps you; fighting in the other areas helps your opponents. The game is for 2-6 players. "Momentum" is a key concept - the player with Momentum starts and ends each turn. The Islamic State also commits "Acts of Terror" every turn that increase the likelihood for Intervention, mostly from the U.S. Intermediate-Advanced Difficulty. 2-6 players 4-10 hours length Game Map: 13" x 24" Game Counters: 2 sheets of 88 counters each.



Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire $59.99


All of the Roman Empire -- without dice! A game of skill played at the grand strategic level, with production, legions, Parthians/Sassanids, Germans, Celts and all the peoples of Europe and Asia that faced the Romans or the Parthians. For 2-3 players. One map, 4 x 88-counter sheets.


World War II: Strategic Decision Series $49.99


All of World War Two -- without dice! A game of skill played at the grand strategic level, with armies, tanks, air forces, navies, fortresses, supply and production. For 2-5 players. Two maps, 3 counter sheets.


Barbarossa: The War in the East 1941-1945 $19.99


 A fast introductory game on the most intense conflict of the second world war - the War in the East, 1941-1945.


Miracle: The Battle of Midway $9.99


 The Imperial Japanese Navy tries to defeat the US Navy and take Midway, an island near Hawaii on June 4, 1942. Naval, air and weather units on a map of the Pacific near Midway.